Welcome to Warfish.net!

This is a war game designed for competitive casual gamers. It is run completely online using a combination of webpages and email to display the user interface and notify players that it is their turn . It does not require any third party plug-ins, flash, java or even javascript to play and requires minimal information to register (basically you just need to choose a password). Warfish.net allows up to eight players to compete for world domination.

Request a game invite

This page has been set up by a Warfish user to help introduce new players to Warfish.net by providing a way to request an invitation to play a game from a Warfish user. Here is a message from the user who set up this page:

This is the basic registration for Warfish.net Verify your email address below to create an account and get invited to a game.
[by user: stev...@... numgames: 5 (since 2002/10/16 14:48:25)]

Since Warfish.net is a play-by-email game the first step in requesting an invitation is verifying your email address so Warfish can contact you. Your email address will not be shared. You may also include an optional message to be displayed with your game invite request.

Enter your email address:
Option message (recommended):
(ex: "Hi, I'm Fred from New York. Saw this url on XYZ and was curious to check it out")

Once your email address has been verified your request for a game invitation will be displayed on Warfish. It can take a day or two to receive your game invitation.